Battle Spirits Saga Brave Episode 3

Edit: All links added. Enjoy.

As for ‘am I going to do the next web series’, that entirely depends on what it is, what the release schedule is, and how good it is. We’ll see in the summer.
I’ll do direct download links and the sort tomorrow, because I’ve probably been breaking my record for most hours without sleep lately.

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Battle Spirits Saga Brave Episode 2

After months, a new episode finally surfaced.

Like with the first episode, this was done entirely by ear because no captions exist. So, advanced apologies for any errors caused because of this.

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Battle Spirits Brave 1-50

Full series, tweaked translation.

Now if you want to watch Saga Brave, you can catch up easily. If you’ve never watched Battle Spirits Brave, watch it. If you have watched it, watch it again.

This does have the DVD version of ep. 28, which had a scene that was censored from the TV broadcast. (It wasn’t anything remotely offensive, just had the misfortune of airing too close to the 2011 tsunami.)

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Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan 1-50

This is my first time ever making a torrent. I’m not tech savvy and just BS my way through this whole process, so please let me know if it actually works.

This is the full series of Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan, per request. I do plan on re-releasing Brave as well, but give me some time.

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Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head TV/ONA/Movie

Edit: New torrent link included, with better quality version of movie

While I’m at it (check the previous post if you’re looking for Saga Brave), I wanted to throw these out here, because I never put the links on my blog.

I know there’s a torrent out there for the TV series, but it’s dead. And I only shared the links to the ONA and movie in a couple places.

Please note that I had no involvement in subbing eps. 1-9. I only started with 10. But I uploaded them anyway. Just, all credit should go with the original anonymous subber. Also, these were done completely by ear. No captions to be found. So apologies for any errors which came up due to misheard lines.

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Battle Spirits Saga Brave Episode 1

Well, this is a rush. As is probably obvious, I lost interest in Battle Spirits. Subbing Burning Soul weekly turned into a chore for me, and I would’ve been happy for the franchise to just stay dead and buried after Double Drive. I wasn’t even really that hyped for Saga Brave, but I loved every minute of this first episode. It’s a total love-letter to fans of the original, bringing back as much of the old staff and cast as possible. (I’m still holding out for Gilfam, who sadly was not in the first episode, but despite that, I still loved it.)

So, it’s not like I haven’t been subbing for a while, having worked on Pikaia and Drive Head. But getting back into Battle Spirits is kinda special, since it was the first show I worked on. I hope you enjoy.

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Pikaia!! (Season 2) 7-13- Complete

Who knows if there will be a third season, but here’s the rest of what’s out now.

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