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Battle Spirits Burning Soul ep. 9

Finally, Ranmaru!

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Battle Spirits Burning Soul ep. 8

Sorry, it’s a bit late. Very amusing episode though.

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Battle Spirits Burning Soul ep. 7

Streaming and alt link added.

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Wanted to throw out a heads up. Since there is no raw out yet, unless it comes out really soon, don’t expect ep. 7 of Burning Soul until at least tomorrow.

If I get really desperate, I guess I could use the nosub raw, but hopefully that won’t be an issue.

But if anyone wants it to read, the script is here:!Nd9ywR6b!VIfiAR9Dbey1467-zKOB3cj_US1LZGC4BTyLXGyFHLg

Battle Spirits Burning Soul ep. 6

Just a notice. No more filecloud, because it seems to be dead. If anyone knows of a free alternative which does not restrict file size, I may use that for alternate links. Otherwise, it will just be mega for now.

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