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Pikaia!! (Season 2) 7-13- Complete

Who knows if there will be a third season, but here’s the rest of what’s out now.

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Pikaia!! (Season 2) 1-6

Season two adds a lot of new things to the table, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Here’s a batch for now. Since the series is still ongoing, I’ll probably put the rest together when it’s done. Translations are done, but I still have to finish timing and editing. Guess I’ll have to see how long it takes for a raw of ep.13 to pop up as well.

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Pikaia Season 1: 1-13 (Complete)

Before you ask, I’m not subbing Double Drive. Sorry.
I didn’t intend to fall down this hole again at all, but I got obsessed with a new show, and was disappointed to find that it had no subs, official or otherwise.

Actually, I watched the first season of Pikaia some time ago, thought it was pretty good, but figured it was a done deal. It was some weird educational short anime (15 minute episodes) after all. I didn’t even realize it got a second season until I saw a post about the first episode on a Japanese blog I frequent. But so far I’ve been loving the second season even more than the first. I just started with subbing S1 for sequence.

Note that I’m doing this all by ear, so there are probably some errors. I actually found the scripts to most (but not all) of the S2 episodes, so those should be better when I get to them.

Links below:

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