Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head TV/ONA/Movie

Edit: New torrent link included, with better quality version of movie

While I’m at it (check the previous post if you’re looking for Saga Brave), I wanted to throw these out here, because I never put the links on my blog.

I know there’s a torrent out there for the TV series, but it’s dead. And I only shared the links to the ONA and movie in a couple places.

Please note that I had no involvement in subbing eps. 1-9. I only started with 10. But I uploaded them anyway. Just, all credit should go with the original anonymous subber. Also, these were done completely by ear. No captions to be found. So apologies for any errors which came up due to misheard lines.

ONA is mostly recap, so I can hardly recommend it. Only eps. 3-4 and 6-7 have any substance, and they’re still short-length episodes. 8 is a giant commercial for the movie.

Movie is a low quality DVD rip, because it’s the best thing that exists for now. I didn’t use the version from YT, because it’s missing the Shinkalion crossover scene, and has a slightly different ending sequence.

No subs for News Channel, nor the tangentially-related NEXT STAGE web series. I’d consider doing the latter, but the former is a talk-show with no captions, so not-a-chance.

TV Series:!uTxBmAAD!kQXzcvwCFHGc52JIWBqj4w

ONA and Movie:!MSIGUQhA!HMFqAfBA_zDz3a54wgv50Q


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  1. Posted by Nouman Syed on June 15, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    Hey Soaker, I was wondering if you still had a niche for Subbing, would you like to sub the first season of Future Card Buddyfight? For some reason Bushiroad Refused to Sub the first season of this show and the only way to watch it is in English dub, the crazy thing is that the rest of the series except for the first season is English subbed. You see normally I would be fine with this but the 2nd season and 3rd season had their dubs cancelled so this makes it super weird to get into this series as you have to switch languages part way through binging it if you only knew English. I can also provide the raws and thank you for reading my request.


    • Sorry, but I’ve never actually watched Buddyfight. I don’t like to sub shows that I’m not really passionate for, because of the amount of time and effort it takes. If I ever watch the show and fall in love with it I might change my mind, but right now I don’t want to jump into a franchise that big.


  2. Posted by Sera on August 6, 2019 at 11:01 am

    I have a 1080p version of the movie if you’re interested in putting out a better quality release.


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